Grandson Surprises Sick Grandpa in Most Heartwarming Way


We’ll apologize in advance because this video is sure to turn on the waterworks.

Nothing is quite as special as the love grandparents have for their grandchildren. Of course your parents love you, but sometimes that involves tough love and enforcing the rules.

A grandparent’s focus, though, is on spoiling their grandkids and supporting them in all their endeavors. Sometimes we take this for granted, forgetting that their support won’t be there forever.

That’s when it’s the grandchild’s job to step up and show their grandparent how much they mean to them.

This teenage boy does just that when faced with the fact that his grandfather wasn’t going to be able to see him before he went to prom.

Up to this point, his grandpa had made sure to never miss any event in his grandson’s life, big or small. Being there for his grandson was his top priority.

Think about how difficult it must have been for him to realize he wouldn’t be able to see his grandson before his prom — a pivotal and important moment in the life of any teenager — because he would be in the hospital.

Due to complications with diabetes, he had to have a toe amputated and would need to remain in the hospital to avoid infection.

Despite his disappointment, the grandfather insisted that as long as he could see pictures afterward he would be happy.

Imagine his surprise when his grandson and his date showed up in his hospital room all dressed up right before prom!

You can see his grandfather’s face light up as soon as they enter the room.

Grandson and date visit grandpa in hospital

They even manage to shock mom, who is so overwhelmed that she covers her face with her sweater as she walks out of frame.

Mom walks away crying

Grandson and grandfather spend a long moment embracing, clearly both filled with the kind of emotion that overtakes you when you realize how much someone loves and cares about you.

Grandson and grandfather embrace

Next it’s his date’s turn to embrace grandpa. The hug is filled with just as much love, demonstrating how much family means to this man, regardless of blood.

Date and grandfather embrace

When they finally separate, both are wiping away tears.

Grandfather wipes away tears

It’s a touching moment for everyone in the room.

What seemed such a simple act will be something the grandfather will probably remember and cherish for the rest of his life.

Watch the full video below, but make sure you have a box of Kleenex handy!

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It doesn’t take much to let grandma and grandpa know how much their love and support has been appreciated and to demonstrate to them how much you love them in return.