Teen with Terminal Heart Condition Receives the Best News of Her Life!


Think back to your life when you were 13. What did you spend your time thinking about? What things were you excited about? What problems did you have to deal with?

Perhaps you spent most of your time thinking about your crush. Maybe you couldn’t wait for the weekend so you could hang out with your friends again. Possibly the biggest problem in your life was deciding which high school to attend next year.

Now imagine if your biggest problem was that you needed a heart transplant, but all you could do was wait and hope that a heart would become available in time.

That was life for 13-year-old Macey, who was on the wait list for a new heart. She probably spent most of her time thinking about what would happen if she didn’t get a new heart in time.

The thing she probably looked forward to the most was the phone call from her doctor letting her know that a heart was waiting for her. Her biggest problem was trying to live her life normally, while knowing that every day without a heart transplant she was one day closer to dying.

Watch the emotional video below in which Macey finds out from her mom that today she can stop worrying about all of those things.

It’s heartwarming in general when an individual finds out a match has been found for the organ they need. But it’s even more so when it’s someone so young.

No child should have the burden of worrying about their own death. Hopefully after her surgery, Macey can truly be a normal teenager and worry about the things other teens worry about.

Of course Macey’s mom was equally carrying around a burden. Imagine being a parent and being powerless in saving your child. Yes, this video depicts a moment of true happiness for this family.

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