How One Video Is Using Homophobia to Spread Love

How One Video Is Using Homophobia to Spread Love
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With the recent devastating shooting in Orlando, many families are suffering loss and many others are left wondering when hateful acts against the LGBTQ community will come to an end. However, out of this tragedy has come a project that takes a stand against homophobia in a clever and inspirational way.

About a year ago there was a video released titled “Strangers Kissing” in which a group of people who had never met before were filmed kissing for the first time. It received a huge response and many people shared the video as a way to promote love, although this was not the video’s original intent.

Now a group from Seriously.TV is using the same video concept, but with a cunning twist: they are using homophobia to raise money. They uploaded a video of men kissing to their website, which went viral immediately. However, the catch is that for every hateful comment left in the comment box they will donate $1.00 to the OneOrlandoFund, which aids the victims and their families.

The groups sees it as a way to win regardless of the outcome. Either people will speak their minds with hateful words and more money will be raised, or the haters will remain quiet and let things be.

Some people are actually going out of their way to avoid the video, while others are posting fake comments in order to rack up the donation amount. Individuals who are doing this have been using #diditforthedollar alongside a mildly hateful comment in order to raise some more money.

The signs being held up during the video speak volumes. One sign, after about 10 seconds, reads, “People who have a problem with this probably already stopped watching.” Another sign, about 10 more seconds in, states that some may leave homophobic comments which is “a bummer…for them.”

The idea is that most people who have an issue with the LGBTQ community will either not watch the video or will post a heinous comment right away. Because of their haste to spread hate and homophobia, they will be unknowingly contributing to the relief funds for the victims and their families.

This is just one of the various acts of kindness that have been occurring in lieu of this tragedy. If you want to show your support, watch the video and leave the comment “something homophobic”. Just be sure to accompany it with #diditforthedollar!