Acts of Kindness That Will Make Your Heart Throb

Acts of Kindness That Will Make Your Heart Throb
Michelle Cederberg

As the holidays are inching closer, now is a remarkable time to show those around you your care and appreciation. With these incredible acts of kindness, you will be left with a full and happy heart! You may even be inspired to create random acts of kindness of your own.

Handouts for the Homeless

Terri Dudar was shocked to see backpacks discounted at just 50 cents apiece. Something sparked in Terri’s mind, that she should purchase backpacks for the homeless to carry around their supplies and ended up purchasing thirty backpacks. Inspired, Terri then had the idea to fill the backpacks with supplies but she couldn’t do it on her own. She started an event on Facebook asking friends and family members to donate. She has plans to pass these backpacks out around Thanksgiving, a wonderful time to show appreciation for those around her, especially for those who are less fortunate!

Kind Kidney Donation

Brian Gabay was searching for a kidney donor for his father on dialysis treatment for two years when finally, he found exactly what he was looking for. Inspired by Ellen DeGeneres, a woman by the name of Jennifer Wolfe – a complete stranger to the Gabay family – offered to donate her kidney to Brian’s father in need. Wolfe’s goal was to participate in a random act of kindness every day and donating a kidney to Brian’s father definitely fit the description!

The Gabay family was interviewed by a local TV channel and shared with them the kind act that they received by Wolfe. They even gave a shout out to Ellen DeGeneres in hopes of getting her attention, so Wolfe could eventually meet her in person. A random act of kindness given back with another random act of kindness!

Bringing Holiday Joy to Needy Children

A woman by the name of Esmeralda received not one, but two random acts of kindness, and in return, she gave kindness back to her community. Esmeralda and her family of five were living in a motel, barely having enough money to put food on the table. It was around Christmas time and she knew she would not be able to purchase gifts for her family. A surprising and unexpected blessing occurred a few days before Christmas: someone dropped off Christmas gifts for the children living at the motel. They were overjoyed!

Esmeralda and her family moved out of the motel and Esmeralda was working hard at a restaurant when she received a tip from a man. Just as he was leaving, he turned around, hugged her, and put something in the pocket of her apron while telling her to have a Merry Christmas. When she pulled it out, it was $800. Esmeralda used the generous tip to pay bills and used the leftover money to purchase Christmas presents for the kids at the motel, like someone did for her when she was living there.

Since those two acts of kindness, Esmeralda and her family have been giving back to others. One year, she gifted two gifts each to 80 children at a local school, also throwing them a Christmas party. Her goal this year is to give gifts to at least 100 children.

Flowers for a Widow

John from Georgia was waiting in line at a local supermarket when the lady in front of him was paying for her groceries, later adding a bouquet of a dozen roses. All her other products were totaled, but when the elderly lady was given the price for the flowers, she said, “Maybe next time,” and was getting ready to put them back when John came to the rescue and bought the flowers for her. The elderly lady explained that she hasn’t received flowers since her husband passed away. This was obviously a very kind and generous act done by John that will forever warm the heart of that elderly woman, and hopefully brought a smile to her face every time she saw her roses that were purchased by the man behind her at her local grocery store.

Showing Love to a Troubled 5th Grade Student

Lisa Travis, an assistant at a grade school, didn’t know what to do with one student who would constantly act up in class. The student commonly threw papers around, distracted other students, and was loud during class. Lisa thought long and hard about this situation and came to the conclusion that maybe the boy needed something a little more, perhaps a random act of kindness to show him that someone did notice him and care for him.

The next time the boy acted up, instead of getting him in trouble, Lisa asked him to come over, gave him a hug, and kindly asked the boy what she could do to help him. He explained that he wanted to make a book out of the papers he had but wasn’t able to because he was not allowed to use the stapler. Lisa agreed to help him make it and gave it to him at the end of class. That day, the boy never acted up again.

Finding the Home of a Lost Dog

Melanie from California was walking home along a busy street when she spotted a black and white Chihuahua mix. As she went closer, she noticed the dog seemed to be blind in one eye. Melanie felt that she was in charge of finding the dog’s owners so she could keep the dog safe until then. Melanie took the pup home with her, feed him, and posted a few photos of him on Facebook along with her contact information. After several of her Facebook friends shared her post, Melanie finally received a reply from someone who knew the owner. Later, she received a call from the owner, and they came by her house to pick up their beloved dog and take him back home. The pup and the owners were no doubt blessed by this experience!

From these random acts of kindness, we learn one of the most important lessons of them all: to show our appreciation for others. Even if you don’t know somebody or their situation, sometimes even the smallest kind act can make their entire day. As the holidays are almost upon us it’s important that we spread our holiday cheer out to friends, family, and strangers to make them feel loved and cared for. This is the season for giving, and giving is definitely more rewarding than receiving!

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