Mall Santa Communicates With Little Girl Through Sign Language


Like most children, three-year-old Mali Williams-Cody from Middlesbrough, England sat on a mall Santa’s lap to let her know what she wanted for Christmas. Watch how Santa communicates with the little girl when he realizes she is unable to speak well due to a possible mental delay, as doctors believe.

How sweet was that? Even despite the mall Santa’s basic sign language skills, he still manages to communicate with Mali!

Here is the written version of the sign language conversation between the girl and Santa, according to Redditor:

Santa: Santa wants to know, did you write to ask for a baby doll?
Mali: Yes, I want a baby doll too.
Santa: You want it too? Do you want a video game too?
Mali: No. You are able to use sign language?
Santa: Do you want a bicycle?
Mali: No, I don’t want to fall.
Santa: I’m nice. Santa is nice.