Skilled Rescue Officer Saves Cat from Falling off a 12-Story Building!


Cats are such curious creatures. When something catches their eyes, they immediately turn their whole attention to it. No wonder it’s common to see kittens getting themselves in all sorts of trouble. It’s all fun and games for them, until they get stuck up a tree, or even worse, on a ledge of a 12-story building.

In Singapore, a cat accidentally placed his life on the line when he hopped out an open window onto a ledge. He probably thought getting back inside would be just as easy as getting out. Luckily for the animal, a passerby noticed the stranded kitten and immediately called rescuers from the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Rescue officer Yao Huang was sent to save the poor cat from falling to his death, with two police officers who were already at the scene. While the cops stayed below to secure a blanket for the kitten, Yao Huang went straight to the 12th floor of the building.

With his calmness and training, the officer successfully saved the cat’s life. Check out the video below!

This cat sure is fortunate to have three officers and a bystander looking out for his well-being.

Let this be a huge reminder to pet owners everywhere to always check their windows and doors before leaving their premises, especially if you live in an extremely tall building.