Wheel of Fortune Contestant Calls Ridiculous Letters and You Need to Know Why


Wheel of Fortune Contestant, Nura Fountano, made an especially heartwarming move for a Veteran contestant during an episode that aired on November 10. With it having been the day before Veteran’s Day, this could have not been a better time for this special act. By the time the final spin came into play, the veteran had not yet earned money, but Nura was already ahead of the game, soon to earn first place.

Then something quite surprising occurred, something you wouldn’t expect to see on Wheel of Fortune – Nura makes some special sacrifices!

Check out this video clip to see Nura’s act of kindness during the final spin.

It turns out, Nura wasn’t at all unaware; she was very much active in the game. She was purposely trying to giving the other contestants a chance to win some cash, especially the veteran who didn’t have any winnings. What a sweet and tear-jerking way to honor her fellow service members! Both of the other two contestants were able to earn some cash thanks to Nura. Especially so close to Thanksgiving, we should all be giving our thanks to Nura and her selfless act!