8 Amazing Gifts You’ll Want to Add to Your 2016 Christmas Wishlist


Your needs versus your wants tend to differ a lot. With your list of needs growing, it can be tempting to use the holidays as a chance to get some of these needs fulfilled. After all, what you REALLY need is a spatula and some new socks.

But where’s the fun in that? Your Christmas wishlist is supposed to be an opportunity to get things you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself!

Here are the hottest gifts of 2016. Be careful, though, you might end up putting all of them on your wishlist!

These are also great ideas if you are stuck on what to purchase for a loved one. You can’t go wrong!

Emoji Phone Chargers

Emoji Phone Chargers

Calling all social media fanatics! Take your love of Emojis to a whole new level with one of these Emoji External Battery Power Bank.

Forget trying to find an outlet; these cute, portable devices have the battery power to charge your phone while you’re away from home. Opt for a unicorn, poop, pizza, or a tears of joy Emoji to charge your phone.