7 Costumes You Are Sure to See on Your Doorstep This Halloween


Half the fun of handing out candy on Halloween is trying to guess beforehand what the most popular costumes of the year are going to be. Did anyone take a count of how many Elsa’s they had ring their doorbell the year Frozen was released?

This year is no different, with many of the most popular costumes getting their inspiration from the silver screen. You can bet you’ll see kids, teenagers and adults alike dressed as these characters for Halloween.

Place your bets now or get in on the fun yourself! We can’t wait to see what awesome renditions of these characters people manage to pull together.

Harley Quinn

1. Harley Quinn

With the recent release of Suicide Squad, and the most popular character of that film being Harley, you can expect a lot of trick-or-treaters will be wearing “Daddy’s Little Monster” t-shirts, with fishnets and a “Puddin’” choker.

While not her classic look, fans are opting for her cuter Suicide Squad attire. You may see a few Joker’s joining her, however Harley tends to be the crowd favorite!

Point of Geeks

2. Trolls

The upcoming release of the movie Trolls will have kids dressing up as the toys that their parents remember having. Hats have been released that have the wild troll hair on top, meaning that dressing up as a troll has never been easier.

By looking at a few characters from the movie, it seems like all you need to do is wear a LOT of color and your costume will be complete!


3. Deadpool

Again due to popularity at the box office, this year you can expect Deadpool to be out in full swing!

This potty-mouthed superhero is sure to be popular among teenagers and even adults as they go off to parties. Remember to be safe, though, all! The costume doesn’t actually make you invincible…