Asian Urban Legends That Will Keep You up at Night


Everyone loves a good urban legend. Tales of Bloody Mary, the vanishing hitchhiker, the hookman, and a dead man’s hand were among the many popular stories shared by people of all ages. Since you’re probably all too familiar with the urban legends from the West, here is something new to add to your growing knowledge of the unknown.

Have a blanket with you as you’re about to read the terrifying stories of Asian urban legends.

The Witch Who Knocks (India)
Buzzing Wheels

The Witch Who Knocks (India)

In the nineties, people from India, particularly in Bangalore, would have an inscription on their house doors: “Nale Ba.” which means “come tomorrow”, was written on every door in order to ward off a mystical witch said to be wandering around the streets during the night. She would knock on every door, even imitating the voice of the homeowner’s relative as a means to be welcomed in the house. If you let her in, you automatically die.

The only possible way to avoid death from the wicked old lady is by telling her to come back the next day, and the next day, and so on, to the point that she gets tired of your broken promises and finds another victim instead.