7 Shocking before and after Makeup Transformations


Makeup is used to conceal imperfections from acne to redness and has the ability to turn a girl into a woman just from a simple makeup application. With the right makeup skills, though, one can completely transform the way the look from the shape of their nose to the size of their jawline.

Makeup is more┬áthan just evening out your skin tone, covering facial flaws, or darkening and lengthening your eyelashes; cosmetics have much more power than that as you’ll soon see.

Victoria Beckham, Is That You?!
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1. Victoria Beckham, Is That You?!

This woman goes from beautiful to a gorgeous, Victoria Beckham look-alike. With her fierce and redefined eyebrows, popping eye makeup, and restructured nose and cheekbones, this beauty is transformed into supermodel status in no time with a little help from makeup. It’s truly amazing how one could be visually changed into a completely different person without the use of a photo editing program or plastic surgery, only makeup products.