What the Biggest Lottery Winners Spent Their Money On


We have all been struck with that “what if” feeling in regard to winning the lottery. Some winners would spend their money wisely, perhaps by investing it and trying to turn it into more money.

Some would use their winnings to help pay off debts, and the debts of others in their lives. Some dream of a home in the islands, others of a cottage up north.

Whatever your “what if” feeling is, it is usually enough to convince you to buy a lottery ticket. The chances are very slim that you will win, but you can’t help but play the odds.

However, some lucky people do end up winning — after all, someone has to win, right? Let’s take a look at some of the biggest winners, and what they did with their money!

Lottery tickets

$390 million

For Eddie Nabors (Dalton, Georgia) and Elaine and Harold Messner (Woodbine, New Jersey) being wise with their money was all they wanted. The Mega Millions in March of 2007 saw the two groups win $390 million (split between them).

While Elaine and Harold kept their plans from the public, Eddie planned to purchase a home for his daughter so she could move out of the mobile home she lived in. He also planned to pay off the mortgages for his mom, sister, and other family members, and eventually buy a fishing boat for his son.

He didn’t have much in the way of plans for the money for himself, but would rather see his family get enjoyment out of it!

Holly Lahti (Rathdrum, Idaho) managed to win the Mega Millions in January of 2011, bringing $389 million into her bank account. She reportedly quit her job as a customer service rep, and went into hiding.

Her ex-husband, Josh, had a little to say about her winnings. He was very happy that he wouldn’t have to pay child support anymore.

After doing some investigative work some reporters understood why Holly had gone into hiding; her divorce was never finalized, nor legal. Which meant Josh had a claim to part of that money.

I’d be in hiding too!

$64 million

There are also those who are quite humble when they win, as was the case for Zhe Wang (Ontario, Canada). Zhe won on a single lottery ticked, in October of 2015.

Her win of $64 million was the largest win in Canadian lottery history. Zhe, not wanting to flaunt her new riches, kept away from the press, and opted to keep her plans to herself.

Prior to her winning, the largest jackpot paid out in Canada was $63,413,885.

$1.58 billion

One of the biggest lottery wins in history happened just last year, in Florida. The Powerball lottery, with a grand prize of $1.58 billion, was won by three groups of people, who purchased their tickets in Tennessee, Los Angeles and Florida.

The prize handed out to each group was in the amount of $533 million. The odds that they needed to overcome were 1 in 292.2 million.

They needed to land on all numbers: 4-8-19-27-34 and Powerball 10… and they did. One group stepped up to say they would be taking the lump sum ($328 million), instead of having it paid out over 30 years, because “we’re not guaranteed tomorrow.”

What a true statement.