6 Crazy Things That People Have Actually Hacked Into


As we are constantly being thrust further and further into the digital age, there is a lot of scrutiny placed on companies to protect their data files from probing minds and eyes.

These files can contain rather sensitive information, and once in the wrong hands these files can help to successfully capture someone’s identity, credit card records, and many other private items.

We are constantly being told that everything is safe when done a certain way online, but just how safe are we actually? Let’s take a look at some companies who thought they were above being hacked!



One data breach occurred in 2009, and wasn’t necessarily a hack, but rather a careless slip up from one of the company’s tech experts.

When eVetRecs, a company that is responsible for housing all of the information on more then 70 million veterans, needed a repair done to one of their hard drives they sent it out to a company to fix it.

However, before sending it they forgot to delete and erase the information that was on it. When the repair company deemed it unfixable they recycled it, again before erasing the information that was on it.

This information included social security numbers, health records and sensitive information about the veterans.  This put many of them at risk of identity theft.

Proximity Keys

Proximity Keys

Proximity keys are starting to become more and more popular, especially among the younger crowd. The fob emits a radio signal to detect when you are close to your vehicle and unlocks and starts your ignition remotely.

However, proximity key hacks have recently come to light, complicating the usefulness of the technology.

Specialists that call themselves the Unicorn Team, took part in a discussion in Amsterdam at the HITB conference. They had set up radio devices to capture the radio waves that the fob emits, and then used a second receiver to unlock the car that was over 1,000 feet away.

Not such a great idea after all.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison

Who can forget the scandal of the online affair website, Ashley Madison, being breached! In 2016 the website was hacked and information on 37 million users was widely available to the public.

A group known as The Impact Team was a little discouraged by the fact that Ashley Madison’s promised “full delete” didn’t actually scrub anything from their system.

They had set out to prove a point, that once something is on the internet it can never fully be removed. They then proceeded to threaten the company Avid Life Medi, a company responsible for Ashley Madison, Cougar Life, and Established Men, asking them to remove their sites completely or have the information leaked to the public.

This caused massive outrage. Avid Life Media spoke up stating that regardless of whether people agreed with their websites, this was still a huge breach of privacy, and was against the criminal code, which people didn’t seem to understand.

Be careful with what you put out there!