6 Crazy Things That People Have Actually Hacked Into


Car Wash Killers

Car Wash Killers

What might seem like something from a science fiction novel could actually be possible.

People have been looking the feasibility of a car wash hack, and have come to the conclusion that Death by Car Wash is something that a psycho could easily accomplish.

The system that most car washes use is Windows CE, which was launched back in 1996, with no upgrades since. Essentially people could hack into this system and have the garage listen to their every command.

The doors could be closed repeatedly on a car, the arms could come down to completely decimate a car roof — anything you can think of could be possible.

Tie this in with the fact that most car washes are being operated by a teenager who is working his first job, and this could easily become a thing of nightmares.



Less of a hack, more of a creepy feature, the Snap Maps feature is something that was recently released in an app update, that allows you to see where your friends, or complete strangers are, on the map.

Now the feature is something that doesn’t come turned on automatically — you can choose to have this showing. But for many who have kids, this new update is frightening.

Your kid can think it is cool to be able to see their friends, however once this is turned on anyone on your child’s friend list can see where they are.

It isn’t something that any parent would want, and many are putting up quite a stink about it, with reason. So remember, if you are watching someone… someone could be watching you.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla has always made it a habit to hire white hat hackers to try and hack their company vehicles in an effort to catch these security flaws before the cars are sold. It is a good thing they do this too.

In the case of a Tesla Model X hack, one hacker found a major flaw and was able to hack into the SUV and control many different aspects. While some are speculating that it is merely hackers who want a good laugh by controlling the lights, or the wipers, Tesla is saying that if you can control one aspect of the car, you can control all aspects of the car.

This means that doors and windows could be controlled, putting the belongings that are in the car at risk. However, this also means things like the breaks and gas pedals could be controlled as well, which now puts lives at risk.

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