A Cat Is Placed in a Group of Huge Dogs and Then… Unbelievable!


There’s no question that dogs can be easily trained when it comes to discipline and obedience. All it takes is the patience of the master, and the tasty treats, of course.

When people choose to train their dog themselves, things usually work out fine. People are able to teach their dog the basics so that their dog listens to them well enough for them both to get by.

However, sometimes owners have hectic schedules and don’t have time to train their dog themselves. Some want their dog to be especially obedient, maybe because they do a lot of hiking outdoors and want to make sure their dog is guaranteed to listen to them, even if something exciting happens (like seeing an animal). Others don’t have much experience with dogs and want to be assured their dog is trained correctly.

For these reasons and more, people choose to bring their dog to expert trainers. But how good ARE these trainers?

Well one academy, Chaperone K9 in the UK, is pretty darn good at it. They offer programs not only to police dogs, but to family dogs as well.

The video that you’re about to see is proof of how effective the academy’s training is. Watch what happens when a lone cat is placed with a group of eight dogs in a test of true obedience.

There’s no doubt that these dogs are well trained! When the cat moves you can tell how much many of the dogs want to get up to investigate (or maybe even chase) the cat. But all of them remain motionless, attentively watching an listening to their trainer, who no doubt told them all to “stay” before the video started.

Clearly the academy’s training is very effective! Now the only question is, who trained that cat to be so calm despite being surrounded by large dogs?

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