What’s with All the Creepy Clown Costumes This Halloween?


You may or may not be familiar with the uproar around clown costumes that’s been happening recently. In fact, you may even be concerned about potential crime tied to this creepy, red-nosed group of people. However, if you’re a little confused as to why clown costumes are a big deal right now, you’ll want to take a read.

Just like the whole candy-in-a-van type of ordeal, people dressed up in clown costumes are yet another problem parents should be aware of, according to law enforcement. In particular, the United States has undergone crime caused by clowns, typically cases where children are being lured and attempted to be kidnapped, or are having their lives threatened.

This whole clown dilemma is being referred to as the “clownpocalypse.”

Clown costumes

In Greenville, South Carolina, there have been claims that people dressed up as clowns are attempting to lure kids into the woods. Another report has come through that a woman in the San Francisco Bay area almost had her one-year-old son taken from her by a clown. Others have even been held at gunpoint or chased with sticks by clowns.

Because of the frequency of these attacks and threats across the United States, schools, school districts and communities are taking a stand against clown costumes. It’s safe to say that people’s fear of clowns has reached a whole new level.

Despite clown costumes being a concern, police say they can’t ban clown costumes this Halloween or punish people for wearing them in the long term. In fact, sales for clown costumes this Halloween have shot up a whopping 300% from last year.

However, the reason for the increase of clown costume sales is unknown. While the clown costumes provide a disguise for criminals, those who aren’t breaking the law are also wearing such costumes around towns.

Perhaps it’s a way of trolling others to get a reaction, or maybe it’s simply a way of keeping up with the “trends.” Either way, law enforcement is encouraging people to refrain from wearing clown costumes due to public fear caused by clown-linked crimes.

It’s important that the word is spread about the clown catastrophe, whether or not the severe violent cases are a hoax or not. Choosing a costume other than a clown costume is one step citizens can make to reduce the paranoia around clowns this Halloween.

Prank or not, parents should be aware of the clown cases. However, don’t jump to conclusions and assume that every person dressed as a clown poses a threat. Just know that the creepy clown problem has not yet died down.