10 Creative Weddings You Have to See


If you’re looking for a unique or creative wedding idea then we have just the thing.

Wedding events have become much more interesting and more reflecting the couple than the traditional attire and location. From superheroes to Disney princesses, this list will show you ten of the most innovative wedding themes ever.

Steampunk Scene
The Photo Love

Steampunk Scene

Who says that themed weddings have to be costly and extravagant? Definitely not this ingenious couple. With not only the bride and groom, but also the entire wedding party dressed in steampunk fashion, it almost looks as if the wedding has been meticulously planned. But in traditional steampunk style, it was just the couple’s resourcefulness that made it look way better than the luxurious ones.

If you’d like a steampunk wedding of your own, you can actually check more of their photos here for ideas.