Here’s When Stores SHOULD Be Putting out Items for Every Holiday

Here's When Stores SHOULD Be Putting out Items for Every Holiday

That time of the year has finally arrived: FALL (or autumn depending on what you call it). The leaves will soon start to change color, the fall fairs will be in full swing, the weather will slowly get colder, and the days will get shorter.

It’s a wonderful time of year full of bright colors such as reds, oranges and yellows… and greens, silvers, blues and golds? Wait, why is that snowman sitting out beside a pumpkin? Um, excuse me, since when are candy canes given out to trick-or-treaters?

If you’re like me, seeing holiday items in store well before their time is a little irritating. I get excited for Christmas (or any other winter holiday) once the colder weather arrives and it gets closer to the date, not when I’m admiring the fall colors and thinking about what I’m going to do for a Halloween costume this year.

Going to the store to buy a few fall decorations for your apartment only to be bombarded with yule tide decorations makes us want to mess around with the store. “Hmmmm, I bet Santa would look much more festive if I put this werewolf mask on him and sat a skeleton in his lap”. It’s September people, not December.

It’s not only the winter holidays that this is done for — it’s irksome when decorations for any holiday are put out way too early. We have Halloween stuff in July, Christmas stuff in September, Valentine’s items in December and Easter items in January.

It’s quite ridiculous. Unless you plan on somehow mingling the holidays together in your decorating, then these items have no place outside the realm of their holiday.

If it wasn’t for my phone calendar telling me what month we are in, I am pretty sure I would spend most of the year believing it’s Christmastime, and the remainder thinking it’s a mishmash of every holiday.

If there is a retail store reading this, I have some suggestions! September should be the start of the Halloween decorations… slowly. Costumes can begin coming out in October, and candy not until two weeks prior to Halloween (let’s be honest, if I buy it in September you can bet it’s not for the kids).

Christmas decorations too early
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Once Halloween is over, then the stores can begin clearing out their Halloween stuff and SLOWLY putting out their holiday items. Maybe start with gift wrap (for those eager to begin shopping) and then continue releasing items in this order: trees and decorations, stuffed animals and more decorations, candy and even more decorations.

Lights and giant inflatable nuisances — I mean decorations — should not become available until December 1 (I’m sorry, but unless you’re the Griswold’s your lights should not be up before then).

Only when the holiday season is done, and I mean completely finished and kids are back in school, should you start rolling out some Valentine’s Day items (mid-January). Putting out all those items at the beginning of the year either reminds people they have even more money to spend to prove their love, or that they have no one to spend their money on.

Either way it’s a depressing way to begin the new year.

You can then begin rolling out items for other holiday a few weeks prior to the date (St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, the fourth of July or Canada Day). And then when summer hits there shouldn’t be a single item of holiday paraphernalia available until September!

If every store could follow this and stick to it, I guarantee there would be better reactions to holiday items rolling out on the shelves. And then maybe people would actually appreciate Christmas instead of getting sick of all the holiday cheer before December 25 even arrives.