The 100 Year Evolution of Zombies


Ah, zombies. No longer is it a surprise that (almost) everyone enjoys the brain-eating living dead. Gone are the days when people were terrified of things undead, thanks to the onslaught of TV shows, films, and games that have been brought to us. When zombies began they resembled your average human corpse, albeit in a drugged, trance-like state, but they were simpler back then.

As it turns out, zombies evolve just as much as humans do, as shown in this incredible video. Over the years their appearance has become increasingly horrifying.

With the power of special effects make-up one can suddenly transform into a frightening monster. Watch how a brilliantly creative team of make-up artists work their magic on a model who then portrays the behavior of each zombie.

That’s amazing, that last one was almost a bit too much for us though. Which zombie look is your favorite?