12 Fancy Popsicles You’ll Want to Eat All Summer Long


There’s so much to love about summer from extended hours of light to taking trips to the beach. There’s just one thing all of us dread about summer: the high heat.

You know the feeling, when it’s so hot that it feels like you are trapped in your own skin. The kind of heat that you can never seem to find lasting relief from.

That’s when popsicles come in handy. These frozen treats almost instantly cool our body temperature down — plus they’re tasty!

We’re not talking about any old popsicle, though. Here are some fun and fancy ice pops you can make yourself — easy, delicious, trendy and some even healthy.

Blackberry Cocunut Lime

Blackberry Coconut Lime

This popsicle achieves levels of fruity, zesty, tart, sweet and creamy all at once. The combination of the blackberry, coconut and lime are the perfect trio to beat the summer heat.

Honey Chamomile
Vanilla and Bean

Honey Chamomile

Nothing says calm and cooling like this chamomile honey popsicle recipe. It’s sweet and not overly pungent in flavor. Plus, chamomile provides a relaxing effect.

Perfect to enjoy on a laid back day at the beach.

Lemon Raspberry Yogurt
Happily Unprocessed

Lemon Raspberry Yogurt

Opt for something zesty and tart with this popsicle recipe. The combination of lemon and raspberry has never tasted so good!

If you want to add a little extra touch, add a few mint leaves for an even cooler effect.