7 Halloween Decorations for the Spookiest House in the Neighborhood!


There was always one house when you were growing up. One house that all the kids out trick-or-treating were talking about. The scariest house in the neighborhood.

Have you ever wanted to be that house? You don’t need to blow your bank account buying fancy decorations. We’ve found the most creative decorations out there that you can make yourself!

They are cheap, easy and, best of all, super creepy. You still have a couple of weeks to prepare your arsenal of Halloween decorations to unleash on your front porch and yard on Halloween. Get started now with these amazing ideas.

It’s time to get spooky.

Ghost Silhouettes
Better Haunts and Graveyards

Ghost Silhouettes

This is one of the spookiest and easy to make Halloween decorations. To start, take an old doll, or purchase a used one from your local Salvation Army, and drape a piece of cheap fabric over it.

Next, simply spray the fabric with a significant amount of fabric glue and leave it to dry. Once it is sufficiently dry you can remove the doll. The fabric will sit by itself in an eerie way, creeping out your neighbors and the kids coming to your door Halloween night!

Floating Head Ghosts
Simply Designing

Floating Head Ghosts

Want another great way to creep the kids out on Halloween? Hang these floating head ghosts near your door so they can eerily blow in the breeze.

In this case, grab some sheer fabric and a Styrofoam mannequin head. If need be, cut off the neck of the mannequin head. Drape the sheer fabric over the head and affix an eyelet screw to the top and tie some fishing line to it so you can hang the head easily.

Then simply hang them up and let them do their work!

Living Decorations
Loose Toon

Living Decorations

If you have a large enough family, you can always dress everyone up Halloween night and have living decorations. Station everyone around your lawn or driveway.

Some can be hiding out of sight, while others can be standing motionless or sitting. When trick-or-treaters go by each, they can jump out or come to life!

To be extra cruel, perhaps have some truly fake statues or stuffed scarecrow figures interspersed. This way, the kids won’t know¬†what is real and what is fake!