10 Mind-Boggling Halloween Makeup Transformations You Need to Try!


If you don’t have a Halloween costume yet, right around now is when desperation mode sets in. It can be so difficult to think of a costume that doesn’t take too much work, but isn’t a total cop out. And then there’s the matter of spending money and time rifling through piles of clothes in a thrift shop to find what you are looking for.

Look no further, because we have the solution! Instead of worrying about an outfit, make your face the focal point of your costume. This Halloween, use makeup and face paint to transform yourself.

Everyone is sure to be impressed and go home remembering your costume out of the multitude of cats, bunnies and lumberjacks they saw at the party.  Give some of these Halloween makeup ideas a try!

Comic Book Character

1.Comic Book Character

Yes, the man in this photo is real. Be a real deal comic book character with impressive makeup skills and contacts.

No need for a photo filter or editing skills for this one!

Seeing Double

2. Seeing Double

Talk about trippy! Give others a double, or triple, take with this freaky look by Tamang Phan.

People won’t see you the same, that’s for sure.

Eye of the Tiger

3. Eye of the Tiger

This gorgeous tiger makeup transformation is fierce and stunning. If you cover her body and squint, you’d think you were looking at a real tiger.