12 Lazy Geniuses That Will Make You Secretly Jealous


Lazy people have always simultaneously been my least and most favorite type of people. They were the classmates in high school who always made the smartest person in the class help them with every assignment they were ever given.

They were the friend that made you come to their house to hangout because they couldn’t be bothered to leave their own. And if they did go out, you can bet they’d drive there even if it was only a couple blocks away.

As infuriating as these people might be, many of them are also borderline geniuses. And we say “borderline” because we can’t bear the thought of someone so agonizingly awful being considered a full-fledged genius.

I mean, what would that say about the rest of us?

So let’s laugh at the following ridiculous acts performed by lazy people (and maybe cry a bit, too, as we wonder why WE didn’t to think to do these).

1. But, really, whose house is going to get more attention? Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to put in the hard work…

Lazy but genius Christmas lights display
Just Something

2. He’s 25% more efficient AND looks like a true professional.

Lazy but genius office worker

3. The only proven way to keep boys from eating your food.

Lazy but genius way to hide food
Come Diva