6 Most Anticipated Olympic Events You Should Be Watching


The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro are in full swing. There’s already been moments of heartbreak, inspiration and triumph; this roller coaster of emotions is the reason why people love when the Olympics come around.

While everyone has events they look forward to more than others based on their own personal interests, this set of Olympics has some select events that people from all walks of life and nationalities have been highly anticipating.

What’s so special about these sports and why should you tune in? You’ll find out!

Golf Kingdom

1. Golf

It might not seem like it would be a very highly anticipated sport, but this year marks a special year in golf history as it is the first time in 115 years that golf has been played in the Olympic games.

It’s not exactly the most entertaining sport to watch, but to know that your country is playing a sport in a worldwide competition for the first time in 115 years gives you a sense of pride!


2. Archery

While not the most active sport in the history of sports, archery takes a lot of concentration, focus and quick thinking. While the event is held in an arena at the Olympics, the archers still have to take into consideration possible wind factors (especially if the roof is open in the venue).

The sport is entertaining to watch, and makes you want to get out there and give it a go yourself… they make it look so easy!


3. Gymnastics

Probably one of the most satisfying events to watch is anything under the gymnastic category. Seeing the athletes flipping and flying through the air makes you dizzy, but gives you a thrill at the same time.

Not only is it one of the most highly anticipated sports at the Olympic games, it is also the sport that results in the most injuries!