6 Mouth-Watering Restaurants to Eat at Before You Die


Something we all have in common is our love for food. Food brings people together, and food nourishes our bodies. And, let’s face it, there are few things more satisfying than a delicious meal.

If you thought you’ve tried some pretty delicious dishes in your lifetime, you’re about to experience heaven once you discover the best-of-the-best restaurants.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in Alif Dhaal, Maldives
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1. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in Alif Dhaal, Maldives

If you even get the opportunity to travel to the Maldives, you’ll be in awe of the beautiful view of fish swimming all around you at the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant. Serving three course meals at lunch and European-inspired six course meals at dinner, you’ll be treated to luxury dining at 16-feet below sea level.

Dishes range from their green mango and papaya salad to their apple and goose liver tortellini. Stay for dessert to try their white chocolate praline or even their Valencia orange parfait.

The SnowRestaurant in Kemi, Finland

2. The SnowRestaurant in Kemi, Finland

If you have a thing for snow and ice, you’ll love The SnowRestaurant at The SnowCastle of Kemi hotel. It’s basically like one big, fancy igloo with a bar and delicious food.

Even the tables are made of ice! Enjoy a delicious lunch, or opt for a scrumptious three course meal.

Some of their dishes include their SnowCastle’s fish in foil consisting of white fish, potatoes, tomatoes and lemon sauce, and their well-loved cranberry pastry for dessert. Their meals are simplistic yet delicious and offer an Eskimo-inspired feel for tourists.

Labassin Waterfall Cafe in San Pablo City, Philippines
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3. Labassin Waterfall Cafe in San Pablo City, Philippines

For those who don’t mind getting a little wet, the buffet-style Labassin Waterfall Cafe is a unique and relaxing option to dine at. Sure, the waterfall set behind the beautiful, bamboo dining tables is artificial, but it gives a realistic experience to tourists.

Take your shoes off, let the water run between your toes, and dine while watching entertainment such as live dancing and music performances.

The Labassin Waterfall Cafe offers outstanding Filipino cuisine from lumpiang gulay eggrolls to pancit to fresh coconuts. Experience Filipino cuisine while relaxing in a welcoming environment.