7 Uncommon Herbs to Add to Your Garden This Spring


If it happens to be becoming spring where you live, you’re probably pretty pumped up for a spring and summer garden. Gardeners typically opt for tomatoes, basil, dill, and peppers, for instance, but why not step your garden up a notch and grow things a little different? Try growing some of these uncommon yet tasty and fun-to-grow plants to add to your garden.

A Sergeev
A Sergeev

1. Lemon Bee Balm

Tea lovers will love lemon bee balm, also known as lemon mint, which is a plant apart of the mint family. Leaves with a delicious lemony flavor and beautiful pink-purple flowers make for a great addition to one’s garden. Hence the title of this herb, bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies are attracted to its flowers, making the plant eco-friendly. The best part is, lemon bee balm is very drought tolerant and can thrive in even the driest and worst of soil and grows fairly easy.