8 Severely Underrated Bands You’ll Love


If you know anything about the music industry, you’d know that some artists and bands just don’t receive the recognition they deserve. These are just eight of the bands and artists that are underrated and deserve so much more than what they’re viewed as.

Dressy Bessy
Brooklyn Vegan

Dressy Bessy

If you’re into indie rock and power pop, or are simply open to a wide variety of music, Dressy Bessy provides some unique yet catchy songs with vocals sung by the talented Tammy Ealom. Going strong since 1996, this bubbly band first started in Denver, Colorado and still to this day makes great music. Dressy Bessy’s songs, Electrified and New Song (From Me to You), are just a couple of the band’s funnest, upbeat hits much different than most of the songs you hear on the radio.