7 Unique Christmas Trees You Won’t Believe


We’re so used to seeing Christmas Trees decked out with various ornaments, strung with lights, topped with a beautiful star, and wrapped with a Christmas skirt, but now you’re about to witness some of the most unique Christmas trees out there, far from the norm. From spectacular to outrageous, these seven trees will make your jaw drop!

The Coolest Christmas Tree: Pac Man!

The Coolest Christmas Tree: Pac Man!

Probably the coolest ever Christmas tree rests in Madrid based on the classic game, Pac Man. In 2007, this gorgeous tree was created, a hit among both Madrid residents and visitors. The best part is, this tree is actually interactive, believe it or not! Each face of the tree plays a full version of Pac Man. Just imagine playing Pac Man on a screen that large – Wow! Not only is the tree beautiful and high-tech, it also is one of the best interactive Christmas trees out there by far.