6 Fun (but Competitive) Video Games for Couples to Play Together


The digital age is in full swing, and as such couples are finding more and more ways to interact with each other. Gone are the days of going out — couples are actually finding more enjoyment staying in and having couch time with their significant others.

While “Netflix and chill” is still an option for most, we would like to introduce the new concept of gaming with your partner!

There are many games out there to dabble in. While Mario Party and Mario Kart might put your relationship through a lot of rough patches, we suggest some of these other games!



The first on our must-play list for couples is Overwatch. This is a multi-player, first person shooter style game which was created by the amazing teams at Blizzard Entertainment.

The game, much like their other games, consists of creating teams of six (you, your partner, and four CPU’s) and capturing and defending checkpoints throughout the zone that you are in. You have your choice between taking on the role of offense, defense, tank and support, with each role offering new and exciting ways to become involved.

With the split screen option on the game, it makes it a fun way for couples to share some couch time while defending each other! For more information on why so many people enjoy playing Overwatch, read this article about lead designer Jeff Kaplan’s approach to designing the game.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

If you like The Sims, then there is no reason you wouldn’t like Stardew Valley. In the first game you could do everything from farming, to mining, first aid, and lots of different adventures.

However, it was always a single player game. Now, a newer version of the game is being released, and the game’s following is very excited. Some new things include being able to build cabins on your farm that can house up to three friends.

These friends will be able to partake in farming, mining, and you adventures, and will have their own inventory saved in a chest in their own cabin, for when they are offline.

Perhaps the biggest news is that characters will now be able to marry each other in game! I’m not sure if marriage is right for you in the real world, why not test it out with Stardew Valley?

Diablo 3

Diablo 3

The Diablo games — another game invented by the brilliant minds at Blizzard Entertainment — have been a very popular set of games for many years now. It is essentially a hack and slash adventure game that you play on your PC.

With the original releases you played alone, or in smaller teams with CPUs. However with Diablo 3 you are now able to include friends in your battles and earn achievements together! As is the case with many Blizzard games, you will choose a race (barbarian, necromancer, wizard, etc.) with each role having different characteristics to follow.

So suit up and help your partner fight the demon races in Diablo 3.