The World’s Most Unusual Sports: From Chess Boxing to Pulling Faces


Football, Soccer, Golf, Basketball — these are common sports, but at one point they were new, unique, and probably a little odd. After all, when you get down to the finer details, few sports make sense to first-time observers. Maybe then, the “Most Unusual Sports in the World” as we’ll look at them now, are simply global sports in the making.

Or maybe they are actually as weird as they seem.

Chess Boxing

Chess Boxing

This probably sounds like a crazy combination of two games that should never be played together, or even mentioned in the same breath, and that’s because that’s exactly what it is. Chess Boxing is the ingenious combination of boxing and chess, a true mix of mental and physical ability — and the only way you’re going to get a broken nose playing chess. The punches are not thrown over the chess board, but rather the game is split between rounds of chess and rounds of boxing, alternating evenly between the two. Perhaps the true test of a sport’s validity is whether it has professional tournaments and competitions, in which case Chess Boxing passes with flying colors. The Chess Boxing World Championships are held every year, and the popularity of this sport is constantly on the increase.